I could not sleep and did not sleep well so here I am writing again.  My brain was trying to piece together some sort of coherent reason for why I was feeling this way.

An opinion piece posted by Steve Lopez (http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-na-pol-lopez-inauguration-20170120-story.html) struck a chord in my mind. The message was simple, “Beware the politician with simple answers.”

“Beware the politician with simple answers.”

Then, I started to wonder about it all. “America First” sounds like nationalism to the extreme but it also speaks of isolationism or American protectionism.  Take for instance his part of the speech that wanted “every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs… [to] benefit American workers and American family” and it seems to point ONLY to benefit of Americans.  The people who voted for him were the “forgotten men and women of our country” whose manufacturing jobs and mining operations that seemed to disappear (Trump blames it immigrants or money on sanctuary cities but, in truth, we should look at automation: http://fortune.com/2016/11/08/china-automation-jobs/).

When Trump supporters hear “America First” it sounds really good to them with the belief that jobs will come back, coal will be mined again, and the good old days will be as before (his Trumped-up emotional bid to his constituents).  But, it feels like they’re taking all of Trump’s isolationist or protectionist standpoints as patriotism or nationalism.  I can hear it as “he’s red-white-and-blue down to his core and his bullying stance is what America should be about! America is taking it all back!”  When asked about particulars of Trump’s plans, we get a shrug or a “just give him a chance” speech.

When asked about particulars of Trump’s plans, we get a shrug or a “just give him a chance” speech.

Even President Trump’s actions speaks plenty for just one day: Fire all foreign ambassadors without replacement and beef up missile defense orders.  And, that’s after Trump was unable to parade around missiles and tanks during his inauguration – a sight that is typically associated with countries like North Korea.  It seems to be a statement that says “let’s wave around this big stick and show the world who is boss!”

What about dissenters? Those who would speak against Trump?  Take for example the National Park Services.  His stance on the media and White House Press even more crystal clear –  controlled, culled, and moved across the street and jeered and poked and prodded as “dishonest” or “disgusting”.  Or, how about his lackadaisical care about the First Amendment and wanting to enforce penalties for free speech. Why is controlling the media an important aspect of this new administration? Because, it is an essential ingredient for authoritarian rule.  It’s a possibility and a road that I do not want this great country to travel down.

TLDR version

  • Can’t sleep and see patterns
  • Beware politicians with simple answers; vague details
  • Isolation from the world wrapped up as Nationalism is disturbing
  • Waving around military might is something disturbing
  • Controlling media or press is also disturbing



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