It’s been 4 days since inauguration and he’s still talking about crowd sizes. Wouldn’t you normally move on to something more important?

Houston, we have a yuuge bigly problem.

I thought characters like Joffery Baratheon and the red queen (and, of course, the queen of hearts) only existed in fairy tales. To those who advocate facts (rather than “alternative facts”), may start to see a pattern of behavior that is consistent with the characters I’ve mentioned.

What is it this time? The popular vote.

Trump can’t let it go…

Why can’t Trump take criticism? Not everyone has to agree with his point of view, but to repeatedly attack something so petty does not look good for the presidency.

And, even with Trump’s rantings and unfettered tweets, he demands silence from those who work for the government like the EPA, National Parks Services and government scientists.

Where is the stability? Not everyone has to agree with the new POTUS’s viewpoints but we need to see some modicum of maturity. And, how can you heal a nation when you can’t let go of things?

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