If you’ve ever been to a theme park and see the rude child knocking over things, hitting other children, and being a general nuance, we can expect hard stares and look of disdain toward the parent(s).  This is exactly what the public should be doing.  Don’t blame the child, Trump, with his on-going TanTrump (pun intended) but his parents – the GOP and his inner circle of advisor.

Trump isn’t a politician so he doesn’t know better but the GOP members do!  I’m not giving Trump a pass on his bad behavior but there are some common decency that the GOP/Republican should stand up for.

What happened to this? What happened to the “parents”? Chaffetz? Pence? Ryan? Mcconnell?


Why are the GOP silent? (Source & Source & Source)

It’s well within the jurisdiction of Chaffetz’s Oversight and Government Reform Committee to examine reports of an incoming president using his official power to influence decisions affecting his international business empire. One might even say it’s his job. (source)

Imagine the same parents at the theme park watching as their child throwing a temper tantrum but instead of attempting to intervene they’re trying to fade into the background.

He’s not MY child.  It’s only when he’s GOOD that he’s MY child.

Where’s our equivalent of the child protective services for the government’s child? Not the Oversight and Government Reform Committee (silent).

Maybe they’re worried that Trump will Chris-Christie’d them for saying anything.


You know THAT stare.

“To my colleagues: don’t ever again lecture me on American moral leadership if you chose to be silent today,” Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., posted on Twitter along with the famous image of a toddler boy who had died in 2015 while his family fled Syria and whose body had washed up on Turkey’s shore.

They’re getting control they want but they don’t want to be part of the sinking ship.  Don’t rock the gravy train.  Even if Trump issues very un-American executive orders and proclamations.  Just like that one parents who just want everyone to forget the tantrum-throwing child – the Republican want to duck and let this storm pass.

Republican Party leaders like Ryan and McConnell appear willing to give him a pass on whatever extreme actions he wants to take ― instituting a Muslim ban, directing Congress to spend billions to build a wall along the Mexican border ― as long as he helps them pass laws they want pass, like cutting taxes for corporations and repealing the Affordable Care Act (source)

But, inaction could also cost them dearly in the future.  Remember, Trump is here to drain the swamp… the swamp doesn’t have to say a word.


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