Where’s Rudy? Where’s Rudy?

During a meeting on cyber security, we can see one very odd behavior from Trump.  He fails to recognize Rudy Giuliani, who is sitting right in front of him (source & source & source).

With that, I wanna introduce Rudy Giuliani and he’s gonna be working with Jared Kushner and with Tom Bossert, who are also here.

Rudy’s very much of an expert on cyber security: It’s been a very important thing to him, and to what he does and maybe I’ll ask Rudy to say a few words.

Where’s Rudy? Where’s Rudy?

Homeland security, John Kelly, had to inform Trump that Rudy was sitting right across from him.  And, even after that, it took a while to gain his bearings.

The Trump family has a history of Alzheimer (a form of terminal dementia) with Trump’s father, Fred Trump, suffering from the disease at the end of his life time (source & source & source).

Here are the top 10 early signs of Alzheimer (Source & Source & Source):

  1. Memory loss (especially recently learned information) that includes dates or events and even recognition of familiar people; Memory lapse
  2. Forgetting names
  3. Challenges in planning and working with numbers with difficulty concentrating
  4. Difficulty completing familiar tasks
  5. Confusion with time or place
  6. Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships (color, contrast, reading, judging distances) that can affect things like driving
  7. Problems with speaking and writing
  8. Misplacing things and inability to trace steps
  9. Decreased or poor judgment
  10. Withdrawal from work or social activities
  11. Changes in mood and personality (moong swing, confusion, suspiciousness, depressed, fearful, or anxious)
  12. Unfocused staring
  13. Asking repetitive questions or retelling stories

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