With President Trump’s Muslim Ban, there’s been a lot of “he really means” letters and speeches from those around him.  Whatever happened to the straight shooter that says what he means?  I still believe what he says is exactly what he means.

Why would he even need a “spinmaster“?

“What the president was really saying is. …” – Kellyanne Conway

I don’t think that it’s fair to the American public if Trump says one thing and the rest of his cabinet gets to step in and change his words.  Isn’t that what the administration had complained that the media does?

If any of us were to go to work and say to our bosses “I think you stink!”  I don’t think our bosses would believe that we really meant that he was smelling like a petunia.

I thought only the “swamp” in Washington would need a spinmaster or bureaucratic loudspeaker. Let’s take him for face value and less spinning of his words into something else.


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