Forget about the noise and distraction of Trump’s golfing and his alternative fact of Sweden terrorist attack.  The real focus that should be on the newer travel ban and executive orders on immigration.

Instead of a ban that focuses solely on immigrants with a history of crime, it will also target those who were never convicted of a crime and are here legally.  This would be against everything the GOP and Republicans want with legal immigration (and, yet, they’ll sit and keep quiet through this).


“Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents will be told to target all those who have been charged with a crime but have not been convicted, in a departure from existing protocol.”

Do you know how Un-American this is?  Imagine just having a neighbor accuse an immigrant neighbor of some fabricated lie and they are charged with a crime but not convicted in a court of law (read: not found guilty yet!).  And, don’t forget stories like these, where Americans wrongly suspect immigrants of shooting, robbing, or any other heinous crimes or economic downfall.  That would raise even more fear and increase incidence of injustice.

Will Congress get to see this order before it is rolled out?  Will the “extreme vetting” order gets its own vetting?  Will it also include countries in which Trump have business ties? (Probably not, even Fox News reported it would be the same seven). We’ll have to wait and see.



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