Asian Americans. European Americans. African Americans. No hyphens, just American citizens.  And, yet, Trump’s “America First” seems to apply to less and less to any groups that aren’t visibly similar to Trump’s cabinet and close colleagues.  And, even legal immigrants are being targeted in the country.  Statistics are still rolling in but there’s been an uptick in hate crime in the United States since Trump’s inauguration.

Srinivas Kuchibhotla, 32, murdered by Navy Veteran, Adam Purinton.

A Kansas man was arrested for murder after screaming “get out of my country” and opening firing on three Americans of Asian Indian background.  He had mistaken them for “Middle Easterners” and even if clarifications were made it would probably have not mattered to him since they look like anything but “Americans” (emphasis on the quotation marks).

Even bullying has been on the rise since Trump took office.  You’ve got to start them young, right?  How can you have more people like Purinton if you can’t push them on the basics of pushing other people around first?  Sarcasm aside, you can expect even more reversal of tolerance on the school yard.


Where are all the ALL LIVES MATTER protest?  Because they do believe that ALL LIVES matter, right?

Even the Jewish communities are facing bomb threats and uptick in hate crimes.  While Trump has taken his time to issue a message to the public and timing can be everything since people look to the administration for guidance.  Give him the benefit of the doubt since he’s probably too busy golfing at the moment.

Remember, you hear it from Trump’s mouth of the things that matter most to him – his victory in November and his hate for media.  I’m sure those issues are the most pressing for all Americans.


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