CNN, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Politico and BuzzFeed were excluded from White House press “gaggle.”  Breitbart News, The Washington Times, and One America News Network were allowed in.  The Associated Press and Time magazine boycotted the “gaggle.”

This doesn’t sit right. Even if you disagree with them, a free press is necessary!

Even as Trump supporters keep saying that we shouldn’t compare Trump to dictators or Nazi’s or anything “unpleasant,” you can’t help but feel there’s something just not quite right.  Coming in and creating change in a positive way through policy is one thing, but dismantling and preventing different viewpoints is simply not right.

Just look at this article by Forbes in 2013 entitled “How Dictators Come to Power in a Democracy” & Seeker’s article:

  1. Appeal to the emotions rather than logic (DONE)
  2. Choose a scapegoat to blame (DONE)
  3. Nationalism as first and foremost (DONE)
  4. Needed a crisis (or even a made-up one) to retain power and moment (DONE – News, ratings, anything against us) may even create a crisis to consolidate power (war?)
  5. Consolidate unlimited power over time (IN-PROGRESS) may even go to war to create crisis.
  6. Control the Press (IN-PROGRESS NOW) and information (look at DeVos’s comment on professors)
  7. Brutal punishment for dissidents (HOPE IT NEVER COMES TO THIS)

And, remember, Trump praised Lenin.


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